NUAS Faculty Administration Workshop 2022

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“Managing Strategy – The Art of Translating Policies into Daily Practices”

The planning group for the NUAS Faculty Administration Workshop in Iceland (September 1-2, 2022) is proud to announce that registration for the conference is now open!  This year’s theme is Managing Strategy – The Art of Translating Policies into Daily Practices. 

We present an interactive programme with a combination of speakers and round table discussions. For more information, please see the programme or event overview on PDF.

The target groups for the workshop are faculty level administrative directors and leaders with general administrative or service responsibilities for their organization, (e.g., directors of faculty, administrative managers, heads of administration, services managers, and equivalent, middle management in the university). Heads of administration or equivalent at department level are welcome too, as well as all other university administrators who find interest in the workshop. We are expecting 50-60 participants from Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland, making the event a unique opportunity to share, learn, mingle, and build a valuable network across the Nordic countries! 

We look forward to welcoming you to Reykjavík for our NUAS Faculty Administration 2022 Workshop! 

On behalf of the NUAS Faculty Administration Group, 

Sigríður Björk Gunnarsdóttir
Managing Director
School of Social Sciences
University of Iceland

Minna Domander
Head of Administration
Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Turku



Registration Start
April 1, 2022 

Early Bird Registration End
May 1, 2022 

Registration End
June 1, 2022 

Workshop Start
September 1, 2022 

Workshop End
September 2, 2022