Target audience

The group’s primary audience is university professionals working, entirely or in part, with communication. The group also wants to further develop cooperation across the NUAS groups so that we can help others increase their communication skills.

Focus areas

The digitalisation of society will continue and contribute to a changing media landscape with new social media and new mechanisms that control media consumption. Algorithms are important for the selection of news and information delivered to consumers, at the expense of editorial content and traditional journalism. This affects public discourse and debate which, in turn, has repercussions on how universities can disseminate knowledge and research. Concepts such as Fact-Resistance, Filter Bubbles, and Web Hate are now a fact of life as universities must respond to and, in some cases actively fight to maintain, public confidence. These are some of the issues that are likely to be in focus during the next period.

Activity goals for 2019‒2020

  • Contribute to the program in NUAS Forum
  • Help Executive Group to market and communicate NUAS Forum 2019
  • Deliver the NUAS Communication Conference in June 2020.

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