Target audience

Nordic universities´ staff members interested in sustainability issues, education and research. Sustainability / environmental / CSR directors, managers and coordinators.

Focus areas

The group aims at enhancing the integration of sustainability into Nordic higher education institutions and promotes sustainable practices in all campus operations. This includes advising the goals in UN 2030 Agenda in research and education for sustainable development and campus management. Wider societal impact by outreach activities and positive global visibility by active communications.

Activity goals for 2022‒2023

  • Attending NUAS events + chairs´ & executive board meetings


  • Establish a climate/environment framework among Nordic higher education institutions.
  • Reducing carbon emissions from travelling – Challenges and possibilities after Corona.
  • Collaboration with networks on national and international level for sustainability (SDSN-NE, ISCN ).
  • Developing the collaboration with other NUAS groups.
  • Attending ISCN conference in June.


March 2022

Online event:  “Base-line on sustainability actions and the next step among the universities in the Nordic countries”.

Date and time:  17th Mars 1:00-3:00 PM, SE-N0O-DK time

Presentations from this webinar:

Denmark NUAS 17.03.2022

Finland NUAS 17.03.2022 – 1

Finland NUAS 17.03.2022 – 2

Iceland NUAS 17.03.2022

Norway NUAS 17.03.2022

May 2022

Online Event: Universites climate footprint

Save the date and time: 19th May 1:00-3:00 PM, SE-N0O-DK time

September 2022

Online Event: How should emissions be reduced and compensated?

Save the date and time: 15th September 1:00-3:00 PM, SE-N0O-DK time