Student Administration and Counselling

Target audience

Staff working with student administration, with a particular focus on studies and carrier councillors. Additionally, the group also has an interest in spreading knowledge about higher education policy in the Nordic region to strengthen our Nordic identity and learn from each other’s innovations.

Focus areas

The group works with questions related to Nordic university students. Its focus is recruitment, admissions, student counselling and career counselling and the transition to the job market. The learning environment, student information, and student mobility within Scandinavia are also topics of interest

The group keeps pace with current education policy and policy debates in the Nordic countries and strives to be a resource for member institutions’ staff working with student administration and to disseminate knowledge via seminars.

Activity goals in the period 2017‒2019

In 2017, the group will focus on planning its next NUAS Student Guidance Seminar, which will be held in May 2018 at Åbo Akademi University in Finland and will coincide with Åbo Akademi’s centennial celebration. The topic of the seminar is continuous improvement, i.e. maintaining a focus on the flow of information and evaluations with the goal of improving the learning environment, student administration, and student guidance counselling to promote throughput, well-being, and employability.

At the group meeting in Reykjavik in May 2017, the group will also become acquainted with the education of student counsellors in Iceland (in Iceland, this is a professionalised role with specific educational requirements).

In 2018, the group will participate in the planning of the NUAS Congress scheduled for 2019. The group also intends to arrange webinars for study counsellors.