Research and Innovation

Target audience

Administrators employed at all levels of the Nordic universities and with administrative tasks related to research and innovation.

Focus area

Hot administrative topics within research and innovation.

Activity goals for 2019‒2020

The group’s work for 2019 will concentrate on NUAS Forum 2019. It will meet in the course of the year to discuss activities for 2020.

Previous activities

  • NUAS workshop: How to Measure the Value and Quality of Research and Innovation Services, Reykjavik, Iceland, 1.-2. December 2016.
  • NUAS workshop: Strategic use of intelligence to improve decision making in collaboration-, research- and HR-administration, Tromsø, Norway, 9.-10. September 2015.
  • NUAS Workshop: The new challenge of innovation in Horizon 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2. October 2014.
  • NUAS workshop: Connecting research and innovation – The role of the research support system in the future, Kuopio, Finland, 9.-10. September 2013
  • NUAS Forum: Communication Challenges for Nordic Universities. Joint meeting for all groups, Stockholm, Sweden, 12.-14. August 2012
  • Partners in Research – Professionalising Research, Support & Innovation in Nordic Universities, Stockholm, Sweden, 5. May 2011