Library Group

Target audience

Professionals working in libraries, information services, and corresponding units in universities.

Focus areas

The general area of interest is the role of libraries in the university context, with particular attention to development-oriented work to provide relevant services for students and researchers. The group seeks to promote cooperation between libraries and between libraries and other areas of administration especially by giving visibility to relevant resources and networks in the Nordic countries. The focus areas of the period are:

  • Open Science
  • Learning environments
  • Competency development

Activity goals for the period 2021‒2022

  • Digital workshops or webinars: The Future of Scholarly Publishing: Alternative publishing models.
  • Research Data: How is data curated in the Nordic countries?
  • How Do Libraries Contribute to the Quality of Research and Education?
  • The Library group has decided to test a new concept called digital library visits. The concept is for a library to offer a digital tour of the library either live or recorded and then present a few projects or cases to share with the participants. We will test the concept with members of the Library group first and if our initial experiences are positive, invite all members of NUAS libraries.
  • This idea reflects on work and travel life in the aftermath of the corona pandemic and is also sustainable as many universities are implementing travel policies considering the climate challenge. With this concept it is still possible to visit other institutions for professional inspiration.