Library Service

Target audience

Primarily all those working in university library and information services, but the group also seeks to attract other university employees to participate in its activities. It is important that libraries do not become isolated within their universities, and it is therefore desirable that the activities that the group organizes are of interest to a broad range of university employees.

Focus areas

Current topics for the group are learning environments, digitalization, open access, copyright, marketing of the library services, quality issues and evaluation, and the role of the libraries in the future.

Activity goals for the period 2014‒2016

The planning group for Library Services is the most recent planning group in NUAS. A first goal should be to make the group known to its target audience. For the period 2014‒2016 the group schedules a conference on learning environments in collaboration with the planning group for Facilities and Environment, IT and Educational Administration, as well as on guidance and counselling, and a conference on the topic of ‘Future Libraries’ in cooperation with other stakeholders.