Information Technology

Target audience

The target audience for the ICT group is primarily university professionals working in ICT, but because ICT is included in all work processes, the group aims to collaborate with the other groups in NUAS to reach a broader audience.

Focus areas

The group is working on benchmarking, using Bencheit, between universities in the region. The group considers supplementing this benchmarking with a survey of satisfaction with ICT services.

Other possible topics include cloud computing, ICT use in education where the digital examination is included, and ICT governance at universities

Activity goals for 2018‒2020

  • Support all Nordic universities in participating in the international IT benchmarking activity BencHEIT
  • Support NUAS in organizing the NUAS Forum 2019 conference in Tromsø and get IT people to attend it
  • Organize yet another Nordic University IT leaders meeting
  • Coordinate the creation and negotiation of Nordic level license agreements with important IT companies (e.g., Microsoft)
  • Disseminate information about important IT projects in the Nordic countries and enable the country level IT directors’ networks to cooperate and help each other
  • Act as a contact point for other international IT networks such as EUNIS and Educause