Information Technology

Target audience

The NUAS IT Group wants to act as a coordinating group to bring together all the IT Directors and other senior IT leaders of all Nordic universities and universities of applied science, to disseminate information and best practices, and to help in forming cooperation agreements, common purchasing agreements and common projects. There is no other Nordic level organization or cooperation body for higher education IT, so there is a very clear need for this role. Almost all the Nordic countries have a national level higher education IT Directors’ Forum or association and the NUAS IT Group wants to act as a force bringing these national level forums together.

Focus areas

  • The organization of common Nordic level seminars and workshops such as the “Nordic CIO Forum”
  • Partnership negotiations with Microsoft and other major IT providers
  • Common, Nordic level purchasing agreements
  • Coordination of IT hot topics such as digitalization, IT security, enterprise architecture work, etc.

Activity goals for 2019‒2020

We have thoughts of organizing the next Nordic CIO Forum in 2020, but the time and the place are still open. We have to keep in mind that our European level association called EUNIS is organizing a really big IT congress in 2019 in Trondheim and again in 2020 in Helsinki and we should not compete with these events. On the other hand, a Nordic level meeting or workshop is urgently needed as there are many open hot topics related to just the Nordic university environment.
We quite naturally want to support NUAS Forum 2019 in Tromsø and are talking about possibly organizing some Nordic level preconference event there.
We want to continue our partnership discussions with Microsoft so that we could in the future have a pan-Nordic licensing and cooperation agreement with them that could benefit both parties – and drive down the license costs that Nordic universities are paying today.