Human Resources

Target audience

HR staff and leaders in the universities.

Focus areas

Strategic role in a university, recruitment processes, leadership, competence development, internationalization, relocation services, salary systems, organizational development, and digitalization.

Activity goals for the period 2021‒2022

The HR group plans to have 3-5 webinars in the period of September 2021 to April 2022. The target
group is HR staff and leaders in the Universities but each webinar will have its own target group,
narrow or wide, depending on the topic each time. The group plans to cover topics related to the
learning and changes in the future that are inevitable from the situation in the world this last year.
Special focus will be put on the role of HR leaders, the progress in digitalization in the working
environment and the effect of having people working both in the offices and from home has on the
working environment.

The HR group will both have regular meetings through the year and special meetings for planning of
the webinars.