Human Resources

Target audience

The principle audience is leaders and employees from Human Resources and Personnel departments at Nordic institutions of higher education. The group also hopes to make a contribution to other groups’ efforts (e.g. seminars and conferences), as well as working to ensure that the HR group’s activities and meetings are valuable experiences for its members with regard to experience sharing.

Focus areas

At the group’s meeting at KTH in January 2017, we identified the following focus areas:

  • Digitalisation
  • Recruiting and on-boarding
  • Leadership/management development
  • Carrier –and talent development
  • Equality, diversity, and integration
  • Internationalisation
  • Employer-branding
  • Work environment and cultural meetings
  • Restructuring

The group wants to focus on how HR functions can develop at modern universities and how HR can have a strategic meaning for organisations.

Activity goals for the period 2014‒2016

The HR group’s goal is to arrange meetings that are interesting and beneficial for group members with regards to experience sharing, and to organise seminars and conferences for a wider audience.

The group has meetings planned for June (Helsingfors) and September (Tromsø) 2017.

The group will plan a seminar for spring 2018 at Aalborg University, Copenhagen Campus. The seminar theme is Digitalisation in HR and the target audience is HR/Personnel leaders workers.

The group aims to contribute to the NUAS Congress in 2019, ideally in collaboration with other groups. One possible collaboration has been proposed by the Faculty Administration group and would address the topic of restructuring and change processes.