Faculty Administration

Target audience

Our target group is administrative directors and leaders with overall responsibilities for their organization, e.g. directors of faculty, administrative managers, and equivalent.

Focus areas

The focus of our two last seminars and for the group is change in organization and structural changes within universities or the university sector. We will also put some focus on economic cuts that have occurred in some countries—and are likely to happen again. We are also interested in how to achieve our targets as effectively and professionally as possible. Learning by talking and discussions are our catchwords.

Activity goals for 2019‒2020

We are now looking forward to NUAS Forum 2019 in Tromsø and working on our contribution there.
We have planned a group meeting in Tromsø on 14 August. We shall then start discussions on our own next seminar or workshop. We like the format we have used for the seminars in Turku and Roskilde.
We have some plans to have a seminar in Iceland in May or early autumn of 2020.
We also have to choose a new group leader from 2020.