NUAS Webinars

Due to travel restrictions and out of a concern for the safety of our members, NUAS groups will be curtailing physical meetings for the foreseeable future.

These webinars will be free of charge and open to all NUAS members.

This is a list over planned events that will be updated as more information is available


Hello all NUAS Communicators!

We look forward to meeting you all during wintertime in a series of webinars.

We may be separated through the pandemic, but we remain united as Nordic comms colleagues.

So, fasten your seat belts in your armchairs and follow us on the tour to your Nordic neighbors’ universities!

It is a smooth, sustainable and highly recommended way to stay happy during the upcoming months!

Please check out our inspirational and interesting webinars, which range from all kinds of UNI communication in the time of the pandemic, how to get the most out of LinkedIn, how to index scientist’s social media, how your brain works and many other topics. All webinars are free of charge, but you will have to register.


Research and Innovation

Student Administration and Counselling

Faculty Administration

Archive and Records Management

  • Planned digital seminar on 22.04.2021:
    A two-hour webinar on the topic Covid-19; status for archives and record management in a crisis and the public access the information. Details will be posted as they become available.


  • The Future of Scholarly Publishing : Alternative publishing models (Sweden)
  • Research Data : How is data curated in the Nordic countries (Norway)
  • How Do Libraries Contribute to the Quality of Research and Education (Finland)Details will be posted as they become available.