Board and General Secretary

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the administrative leadership body of NUAS. The directors from member institutions in each member country choose two representatives to sit on the board with the exception of Island, who has one representative, and Greenland and the Faroe Islands, who have observer status. Board members are elected to four-year terms with the possibility of a one-term extension. In addition, the Leader Group nominates up to four members from within their group to sit on the board. The board meets semiannually. Current members of the NUAS Board of Directors are:

Guðmundur Ragnar Jónsson, University Director, University of Iceland (Chair)
Anne-Christine Larsson Ljung, University Director, Karlstad University
Ari Nisonen, Property Manager, University of Helsinki
Dan Guttke, Biträdande universitetsdirektör, Kalstad University
Essi Kiuru, Administrative Director, University of Oulu
Henriette Nolsøe Rosing, University Director, University of Greenland
Ína Dögg Eyþórsdóttir, Project Manager, University of Iceland

Jørgen Fossland, University Director, UiT The Arctic University

Johan Ísak Suni Hansen, University Director, University of the Faroe Islands
Kent Waltersson, University Director, Linköping University
Kristel Skorge, University Director, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
Minna Domander, Services Manager, University of Turku
Samu Leskinen, Director, Strategic and Legal Affairs,University of Vaasa
Søren Lind Christiansen, University Director, Aalborg University
Wilbert van der Meer, Director of Dean’s Office, Copenhagen Business School

General Secretary

The General Secretary is appointed by the chairperson of the Board of Directors and coordinates day-to-day operations including membership requests, assisting with the coordination of Special Interest Groups, and updating group and member information.  Additionally, the General Secretary schedules, takes minutes, and maintains agendas for the semiannual  Board of Directors meetings.

General Secretary:
Jónína Kárdal , University of Iceland